Erik Basil Spooner



I visualize for a living. Whether it's wrangling-and-dangling beautiful type, constructing flexible grids, steering great illustrators, coercing smart editors, or compelling sharp designers, (or all of the above), I'm dedicated to making great stories together. My decade-plus of media experience includes a high-low medly of creative roles across many kinds of groups: as a freelance designer executing traditional print publishing and design, as a leader in large-circ national magazine art departments, inside institutional communications groups, and directing design for print, tablet and web magazines.

As a design director, I believe in drawing upon the strengths of an entire editorial team to tell stories as concisely and brilliantly as possible. Beauty isn't just in the eye of the beholder: Functional, elegant solutions often transcend issues of taste. My personal experience has taught me that the best of these solutions always come from the collaboration of many voices speaking as a single, harmonious story-telling device. The best magazines on the newsstand today prove this issue-in and issue-out. If you are interested in collaborating on a fantastic project together, please get in touch.

Currently located in New York City, I have also worked in Nashville, Tennessee and Berlin, Germany. My BFA in Communications Design was awarded at Pratt Institute with a minor in Art History.